(OO [ ][ ] OO) driving quickly with precision

This effect is probably amplified in NYC, but I'm sure it still happens in cities and towns all over the country. Out-of-town drivers flood the streets, and promptly slow way down because they have no idea where uncle Tim's apartment building is, let alone where to park.


Naturally, locals have very little patience for these poor lost relatives, who balk at the idea of $40 a day for parking yet are mostly unwilling to even attempt parking in a parallel spot anything less than two car-lengths long, let alone trying to decipher alternate-side signs. But how best does a local deal with said slow driving non-parkers? There appear to be three options:

1. Try To Help

Whether it be pulled over pointing North on Broadway at 120th st, or about to pile the whole family onto the G train looking completely lost; ask where they are going and try to point them in the right direction. Sure, it may take a minute or two out of your day but some local advice is almost always welcomed.

2. Honk, Yell, Gesture

Go the complete other direction than helping out, and pull out all the stops. Car stopped in the right lane, but no one in the left lane? Better pull up behind the wayward aunts and uncles and just honk, maybe throw in a flash of the brights or two. Should you really do this? Absolutely not, don't be a dick. Unfortunately I saw way too much of this in NYC yesterday.


3. Ignore Them

This one may be the best overall option. Trying to help can often go arwy when you've given the out-of-towners your best short-cut route, but in doing so complicate the whole endeavor tenfold sending them further off their intended path. Honking and being a jerk is just not helpful ever, if anything you'll send poor Auntie Jane into a panic likely to cause an accident of some sort.


So this holiday season, just chill out, be sympathetic to the out-of-town folks, and have a great Thanksgiving!


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