(OO [ ][ ] OO) driving quickly with precision
(OO [ ][ ] OO) driving quickly with precision
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Watch Some Guy Take The Doors & Hood Off A Brand New Mercedes CLA

Looks a bit like a chop shop right? Good. Last week our garage at Classic Car Club Manhattan was transformed into a Hollywood movie set, which was supposed to look like a chop shop. I arrived in the morning to see the CLA and was pretty excited to have an opportunity to sit in the car and check it out a bit.


Just when I walk back out with my camera, all ready to record a little walk-around of the car, I see this guy tugging on some interior trim to get access to the bolts to remove the door. We talked for a few minutes about the set and the car, turns out he does this all the time, as well as prepping myriad other types of movie cars, not just CLA Benzes with 45 miles on the clock.

This particular movie features an old Mustang "hero car" which the guy told me has a huge motor and is truly show quality, and then there's the stunt double for the "hero car" which looks very similar but is all outfitted with a hydraulic handbrake, roll cage, and all kinds of other stunt gadgets.


But what movie is it for? You'll just have to wait and see! (I don't actually even know)


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