Rental cars are the best. To quote Alex Lloyd, "Let's face it, rental cars are cool to drive. After all, they don't belong to us, so we feel a little more relaxed about destroying its four, rock-hard economy tires." Check. "I mean, they aren't usually particularly nice cars." Hold the phone...

I'm quite familiar with the world of shitty rentals (having worked a summer for Hertz, long ago) which is why I've been especially delighted by a new option called Silvercar. Combining Zip-Car-esq methods of smart-phone based check in/out with a single vehicle model offered, Silvercar has essentially removed all the guess-work associated with renting from a big company. Oh yeah, and the only car they offer is spankin' new Audi 2.0Ts.

I will concede, the 2.0T is not the most powerful car I've driven, but power isn't everything. In fact, power is nothing without a competent chassis, and the 2.0T has a fantastically compliant yet sporting nature to it. As with most modern Audis, a tendency towards understeer is to be expected, but the push is progressive and quite manageable.


But what makes it the fastest car in the world? I held my foot firmly on the floor much more frequently than I would have with 400hp, I carved through the sweeping curves at speed but still within legal boundaries, and wound the blown motor all the way to the redline over, and over, higher and higher. It felt like I was driving harder than I ever had before.

And best of all, it's not mine. No early oil changes to worry about after hammering up and down the mountain numerous times; no tires to replace, no nothing! My only responsibility is to return it on time, which I can barely pull off as-is.


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