With the winter finally thawing, and the salt washed away; CCC is once again gearing up for Autogasm season. To be sure that my route hadn't been destroyed by repeated freeze/thaw cycles I set out yesterday morning for a bit of a reconnaissance mission.

I also was maybe (possibly, probably) just looking for an excuse to put off the impending work week and test out my parent's new (to them) BMW 328xi on my favorite back roads north of NYC. No, scratch that, I was doing reconnaissance. For work. Yes, that's what I was doing.

After thoroughly enjoying some truly deserted twisty roads I stopped to snap some photos of the 328. About 10 minutes elapsed before I hear the tire noise a car approaching. I thought nothing of it until the strangest egg of a two-tone BMW trundled around the traffic circle in front of me. It was an i3!

I tripped over myself getting back into the drivers seat before taking off after the goofy lookin' hybrid. What followed was a strange game of cat-and-mouse where the i3 driver seemed like he might be trying to lose me, but then remembered he was in a very slow car. I really, really wanted him to pull over so I could have a look around the i3, but I also didn't want to alarm the fellow driving it. So I just followed him, for about 15 minutes.


But why then, is Monday morning the best time for a drive? Because you might see a pre-production BMW? No. Because everyone else is at work, not driving the fun roads. Cops are looking for another cup of coffee after the morning rush, and everyone else has more important things to do. Next time you've got a personal day; make sure it's a Monday morning, and make sure your car is full of gas.

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