We call this blippy little rasp-burble delight the "M2". It rolled off the line in Munich as a 2002 tii in 1974 but a lot has changed since then; the Berlin Wall fell, the Soviet Union collapsed, and this 2002 only got better.

Turbo style fenders and deck-lid trunk spoiler, grey-black paint job (as seen on the Porsche 997 GT3 RS), and of course most importantly the addition of an S14 motor from an E30 M3 turned this '02 right up to 11.

The great thing about this car is that you can actually use it. We've seen some crazy high-horsepower BMWs here, and the thing about most of those is that you can't really use them. Sure engine swaps and forced-induction are fun, but is there such a thing as a middle ground when it comes to cars like this? We think so.

The M2 boasts about 70 horsepower over a stock 2002 tii, for 200 total. That might not sound like much, but in a car that only weights 2,200 lbs the power is more than sufficient. The car performed flawlessly on the 6-hour drive down from New Hampshire yesterday, and more than likely one of our members will be thoroughly enjoying the M2 this coming weekend.


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