You've got a cool car, or know someone who does. SWEET! You're excited about cars in general and you want to jump on this nationwide bandwagon of informal style "Cars & Coffee" meets. GREAT! So you show up expecting to meet some fellow enthusiasts, check out their rides, and enjoy a mutually satisfying experience where owners get to enjoy some attention from the people who love their cars, and vice-versa with the spectators who have come to see some hot metal.

I'm no different; my co-worker Ethan and I cruised out to Ridgewood, NJ for a nicely organized meet (cheers Tony) with CCC's Cobra & GT40 last Sunday. After parking the cars we opened up the engine cover of the GT40 and stood around for a while chatting, answering questions, and checking out the rest of the cars. A few cars were still rolling in, one of which was the below Aston Martin DB9 Volante. Ethan nudged me and pointed out the "Supercharged" sticker on the quarter panel as he passed us. He parked right next to us, and then I saw the "GT-R" sticker as well. Hm.

I then did what I so often do, and asked the guy if I could see what's under the hood. A fairly standard request at meets like these; us enthusiasts love to see the power-plants which have so often been modified with meticulous care. Plus, I was holding out hope that this svelte Aston really did have a supercharger bolted on.


The owner's response may not have seemed out of place in the realm of "general-exotic-car-owner-stereotypes" but at a meet such as this I was quite taken a-back. Without a hint of comedy he goes, "You couldn't afford to have me open this hood." Which he's not technically wrong about, but still, I would never speak to someone that way.

I reply, "Well, is it really supercharged?" To which he says, "I don't come here to show off...I just flew myself in from Cancun and I'm jetlagged, flying my jet really fucks me up." Ohhhhh. Okay.

I should obviously have cut him a break and not bothered to ask him about the shiny expensive convertible (with what look to be AutoZone purchased 'Supercharged' and 'GT-R' stickers) he just drove into a parking lot full of car enthusiasts who have come to show off a little and talk cars. My bad, dude.


We packed up and took off pretty soon after that, so I never found out if the Aston really was blown or not. I'm guessing not. The point is; don't come to Cars & Coffee if you're going to act like that.

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