Electronic music giant Deadmau5 has adopted a familiar format over the last two weeks. He calls up his famous (and not so famous) friends and invites them to do a coffee run. Said coffee run involves some GoPro cameras, Mr. Mau5's 458 Ferrari, and a 15 minute drive to a drive-thru coffee spot called Tim Horton's.

Some may say that this is a direct rip-off of Jerry Seinfeld's show, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, but I beg to differ. Seinfeld's show is meticulously planned, supported heavily, and overall very nice to look at. Deadmau5's show is unedited, awkward at times, and shot at weird angles.


Both have their merits; we all know Seinfeld loves cars, and it's entertaining to see him go on classic car adventures with his comedian buddies. I did not previously know that Deadmau5 is into cars, and it's somewhat excruciatingly entertaining to see him whisk his famous (and not so famous) friends to his go-to drive-thru coffee joint, all the while carrying on some semblance of a conversation.

My favorite is when Pharrell talks about electric "engines", and Elon Musk. To quote Pharrell; "It's some next level shit."

Check out the rest of the "Coffee Run" videos below:

The very first coffee run of ever:

Featuring Zedd:

Featuring Russell Peters:

Featuring a girl who sells drugs and t-shirts:

PS: Jerry are you reading this? If so, you can totally glitch the matrix by doing a coffee run with Deadmau5 in his 458. Just sayin'.

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